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to the cool life !


Anti rust, weather proof and long life outdoor unit parts made of chemically treated and zinc coated sheet metal

Easy Install

Easy removal of washable air filters for cleaning by opening the hinged front panel up and then pulling filters down outside the indoor unit


Smart self diagnostic function for malfunction detection facilitates easy, fast service and maintenance

Cost Effective

Split ACs are equipped with efficient indoor and outdoor coils with large heat transfer surfaces for minimum electrical consumption

Split AC'S

More Chills, less bills! 

Save money on elecricity with Carrier Split ACs

Floor standing

The best floor standing ACs available.

2.0HP,  2.5HP,  5.0HP,  6.0 HP

DUCT & Cassette

Feel the breeze!

Control the temperature of your space

Make every moment cooler with CArrier Split ACs

Efficient Operation

Wifi Ready

Super Quiet

R410A Refrigerant

low consumption

Low Consumption

the best Floor standing acs available

Contributing to your productivity since 1902

Silver ion in our Floor standing ACs can kill bacteria by causing structural changes to their cell. It also comes with a smart LCD display which shows control functions and error codes in case of malfunction!

Carrier Duct and Cassette makes even the busiest spaces comfortable

With a wide range of Horsepower options, our Cassette and Duct units cater to both your residential and light commercial needs. To keep them in better condition, our Cassette and Duct units come with removable grills and coils which make cleaning your AC unit easier.

Download our APp

COntrol your AC From anywhere in the world

Our app allows you to control your AC from anywhere in the world !